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The early Nineties were the initial boom time for the Dj Industry in India, but Club Lighting was either prohibitively expensive or was homemade stuff like crude traffic lights and mirror balls with spots. Like in DJ gear, Narain brought a Paradigm shift in the way the Disco Lighting Industry operated in India, we were the pioneers, who changed the rules of the game by offering high quality lighting at very affordable prices. While everyone was looking at 5-Star discos, we started Marketing Satan to attend to the needs of the working DJ and the standalone discos & pubs. Simply put, when everyone zigged, we zagged.

                              Satan’s overall philosophy is to pretty much ignore what's happened in the past, and get the absolute best products we can possibly offer at a reasonable price. We don't bind ourselves with preconceived notions that the industry has placed on certain products, but rather look at what the end user is really trying to accomplish. And how do we best make a product which can accomplish that goal? One thing we've found time and time again is that quality is rarely a function of cost, it's more a function of attention to detail and the willingness to take that extra path in the prototype phase. Satan over the last 18 years has built a reputation for superb quality and reliability in Club and Auditorium Lighting. With Installations in over 1000 locations pan India, Satan can be seen at the best venues including G5A Auditorium, Birla Matroshree, Shanmukhananda Auditorium, Thakur College Auditoriums, OCMG Theatre , Atharva College Auditorium, Nehru Center , Swami Narayan Auditoriums in Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot , Ahmedabad and Sarangpur and clubs like Aer, Alibii, Blue Frog, Tap, Red Box, Home Town (All in Mumbai) Palazzo , St Helena's Auditorium (Pune) , Casino Royale (Goa) Paradise Isle (Udipi), 10Lounge (Hyd), 6 Clubs for TDS (10 Downing Street in Hyderabad, Bhopal, Raipur, Jabalpur, Bilaspur & Gwalior), Tantra (Raipur & Bilaspur) Sky-Hy (Hyderabad) Vibes , Dronacharya Public School Auditorium, Orchid Lounge, Babylon (All Chattigarh), Polo ( Vadodara) Ocean Blue Resort (Ratnagiri), S.S.R University Auditorium (Silvasa), Mauli Sankul Auditorium,( Ahmednagar)and lots more.... In 2011, Satan brought the same brilliant quality and reliability to Outdoor Show lighting with excellent response from the Industry. We have sold Tens of thousands of Ledpars and Powerful moving heads due to the superb Optics and availability of spares. We stock most relevant spares, ensure quick, reliable & efficient after-sales service.

We are headquartered in Mumbai , the financial & film capital of India, we feel the pulse of the industry. We have a state-of-the-art demo room where we test market & introduce new products in a quick & efficient way. We react very fast and are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing demands of the market. At Satan, our passion for what we do reflects in the products!

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